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7/8 Broad St. (Market Way), Reading, Berkshire.

Thomason, David and Stansbie, Daniel 7/8 Broad St. (Market Way), Reading, Berkshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)





In August 2001, OA undertook an archaeological watching brief on geotechnical investigations at 7-8 Market Street, Reading. Four geotechnical test pits excavated were observed and recorded. Four pits which had previously been dug and left open were recorded at the same time. Excavations in 2003 revealed two major phases of activity. A horizon of buried soil, possibly of Saxon date and only surviving in patches was overlain by a horizon of medieval buried soil. Cutting the buried soil horizons were sequences of medieval and post-medieval rubbish pits, the latest of which were contemporary with a flint-lined cess pit and a flint-lined cellar. Truncating the medieval and post-medieval deposits in many places were Victorian basements, which were infilled with modern rubble. Cutting these deposits were various concrete foundations relating to modern buildings.

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