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Archaeological Evaluation Report for the National Museum of Science and Industry Wroughton

Bashford, Robin Archaeological Evaluation Report for the National Museum of Science and Industry Wroughton. [Client Report] (Unpublished)




In April 2006, Oxford Archaeology (OA) carried out a field evaluation at the National Museum of Science and Industry at Wroughton Airfield, Wiltshire. The work was commissioned in advance of proposals for the construction of a National Collections Centre and an associated landscaping project. The evaluation revealed evidence for early Iron Age settlement comprising post-built circular structures and associated post holes and pits. A number of large linear features were also revealed, although the exact nature and function of the features was difficult to establish within the confines of the evaluation trenches. A small quantity of pottery recovered suggested that they were backfilled in the Roman period, although they may be Iron Age in origin. If the tentative interpretation of these features as linear proves to be correct, a defensive function cannot be ruled out. Numerous other linear features were identified which may have represented elements of field systems. Attributing a date and function to many of them was necessarily conjectural given the paucity of datable finds. A number of these may be Roman in origin, whilst others are tentatively interpreted as surviving elements of ridge and furrow. Evidence for the 1940s landscaping of the site during construction of the airfield was also revealed. This appears to have comprised the levelling of certain areas of the site and the subsequent infilling of low lying areas with the resulting spoil. More recent landscaping was also apparent in places. There was some evidence to suggest that the levelling may have compromised the survival of archaeological features.

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