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Land off Barton Road Headington Oxford

Latham, Alexandra Land off Barton Road Headington Oxford. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


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A four-trench evaluation was carried out on 9th and 10th October 2013 by Oxford Archaeology (OA), on the site of a proposed residential development in the Urban District of Headington. The development area is c 1.1 hectares in extent, lying between the historic villages of Barton and Old Headington (Fig.1). The trenching followed a geophysical survey which had not detected any obvious archaeological features due to interference from numerous magnetic anomalies, probably caused by modern disturbance and metal objects within the topsoil. The evaluation was generally successful in establishing the low potential of the site for significant archaeological discoveries. There was no indication of either Roman or Anglo-Saxon activity, previous finds of these dates in the vicinity being the main reason for undertaking the evaluation. The land appears to have been part of the open fields of Headington during the medieval and post-medieval periods, until Headington was enclosed in 1804, and was still an arable field in 1921. In the 1920s and 1930s, as the surrounding fields were developed as a suburb of Oxford, the site was used as an orchard, and by 1956 had been developed as a cricket ground. Seven possible archaeological features were identified in the trenches, including ditches, pits and possible postholes, five of which contained no artefacts and are therefore of uncertain date. They are most likely to derive from the 20th century use of the site. Several features investigated, particularly those in Trench 4, were found to be shallow and irregular and were considered to be geological in origin. Arfefact concentrations were found in two early 20th century refuse deposits, one infilling a ditch or pit in Trench 3 (in the centre of the site), and one infilling a ditch in Trench 1 (near the NW corner of the site). The artefacts present in these deposits in general date from the late 19th and early 20th century, although one 13th-14th century medieval pottery sherd and a few 18th century sherds were found incorporated within these later contexts. The ditches found in the trenches do not correspond with any boundary ditches shown on historic maps of the site. They may be internal drainage ditches associated with the early 20th century orchard.

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